Yearbook Club

Students are encouraged to join the Yearbook Club, a year-long project that produces a unique yearbook. This course gives students the exciting opportunity to be part of a professional publication before graduating high school.

Yearbook club provides high school students with the opportunity to assist in yearbook sales, photography and design. Students raise funds by organizing fundraisers, finding sponsors and helping to promote yearbook sales by making posters and distributing yearbook information. Students also assist in designing the pages of the yearbook.

Extended Hours: Students work during zero block/ lunch hours, spare blocks, and virtually to complete page design.

Yearbook Club Activities and Role:

  • Hot Lunches
    • K-5
    • Gr 6-8
    • Gr 9-12
  • Halloween Fundraiser K-5
  • Contact Sponsors
  • Promote Yearbook Sales
  • Yearbook Distribution

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Student/Guardian/Adviser Agreement: